Lic:  01455679
I am proud to announce that BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomeServices was recognized as the 2018 REAL ESTATE AGENCY BRAND OF THE YEAR and MOST TRUSTED REAL ESTATE BRAND in the Harris Poll's 30th annual EquiTrend® Study.
I represent one of the most dynamic real estate brands in the country, BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomeServices, California Properties (BHHSCP).  I am thrilled to be a part of a large network of professionals who work extremely hard to serve their community and, as a result, dominate the real estate industry.  Unified, we have the talent to work, literally, any real estate scenario.  From our first meeting to the close of escrow, you will experience first-in-class service.

As a BHHSCP agent, I have access to unique tools, accounts and connections that provide a higher level of marketing power.  BHHSCP partners with and promotes properties on the most significant real estate-focused websites in the world (e.g., Juwai.com for our Chinese-speaking consumers).  This form of marketing increases exposure and drives online interest to properties listed by BHHSCP.

There are a lot of agents running around with business cards and you have many choices when selecting an agent; it keeps me on my toes.  I follow monthly and quarterly market trends and start each day checking local real estate activity.  I invest my time and marketing dollars in the Southern California neighborhoods that I serve, and strive to share information that is both helpful and relevant.

I have served the real estate industry for approximately 25 years (residential sales, leasing, property management, administrative management, and contract management).  I have assisted high profile individuals and their business managers as well as those of humble means.  In every instance, I have displayed the utmost respect for privacy and confidentiality.  I have had the pleasure to work alongside ethical, driven global-industry leaders and powerhouse entrepreneurs.  I adopted their ambition and integrity early in my career.  Today, I continue to work diligently to accomplish client objectives and, ultimately, client goals.

The one commonality across all professions in my portfolio is the necessity to reduce the risk of liability on behalf of those I serve; an ability you will benefit from when working with me.

I am happiest when I am with family.  I am happiest when I am contributing. I am happiest making connections (e.g., buyers and sellers). Family, contribution and connection--that is what brings me the most joy and gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment.  It is important to live a joy-filled life but success does not happen by magic; it takes sweat, determination, consistency and, again, connections.  When I face challenges and roll up my sleeves to conquer obstacles, I appreciate my accomplishments that much more.

Whether relocating, looking to sell a property, or in the preliminary stages of a property search, you can count on me to guide you through the process.